Harrodsburg/Mercer County Pages, Groups, websites, blogs

Below is a list of pages, groups, websites, and blogs that pertain to the history of Harrodsburg or Mercer County, Kentucky. If your site is not listed below, please send a private message and it will be added.

Harrodsburg Sestercentennial (250 years) – 2024

You Know You Are From Harrodsburg, KY

You Know You're From Harrodsburg, KY When....

Harrodsburg African American Community History

James Harrod Trust

If Kentucky Is A Part Of You...

Dutch Cousins in Kentucky

Harrodsburg Historical Society

Harrodsburg Cemeteries

Harrodsburg 250th Celebration

The Harrodsburg Herald

Mercer County Chamber of Commerce

Harrodsburg High School Friends/Alumni/Educators

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Harrodsburg Opera House

  This is a photo we had never seen and Belinda S Kurtz shared this from another group. “Wasn’t Bob Martin that used to run the radio statio...