Sunday, August 8, 2021

East Family Sisters' Shop

East Family Sisters' Shop (Shaker Silkworm House) at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill.

Library of Congress
Located on the northside of Village Road at the intersection of HWY 68 and 33, northeast of Harrodsburg. It is framed with clapboarding, 53' (five-bay front) x 25' (two bays), two-and-a-half stories on a slightly raised random ashlar basement, with a gable roof, double door with straight transom, stone steps with iron railing, and a small gabled cellar entrance on the side. It was built in 1855; restored after 1963.
Library of Congress

This building currently houses the weaving and spinning operations at Shaker Village. Costumed interpreters guide visitors through the everyday life of the Shakers.
Library of Congress

Photographer, William G. Johnson - for the Library of Congress.
Library of Congress

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