Saturday, July 10, 2021

Gateway to Harrodsburg

What do you think about reconstructing this gate for the 250th-anniversary celebration?
This stockade gate once greeted travelers to Harrodsburg via Lexington Road. A replica of the Fort Harrod entryway, the gate served as a reminder of the town's pioneer heritage. It was a gift from the Woman's Club of Harrodsburg and was erected in 1929 and removed in 1936. A plaque read: "As the friendly gates of Harrod's Fort were open to pioneers, so too these gates today are open to you - enter and abide."
Historical postcard from author's personal collection
Harrodsburg needs to seriously think about reconstructing this gate, if not on Lexington Road, then on another main road into Harrodsburg. We will be entertaining many new tourist as we creep closer and closer to 2024!

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