Monday, June 14, 2021

Jennie Magoffin Hardin


Photo from the collection of Jerry L. Sampson

This family photo is of the Hardin family and comprises of Judge Charles A Hardin, his son Eben Hardin and his son Charles Hardin. The woman in the back is the only known photo of Jennie Magoffin Hardin. 

Mrs. Hardin was a descendant of the pioneer McAfees, her families on both sides being among the old and honored citizens of the state. By blood or marriage she was connected with five Governors of Kentucky - her uncle, Gov. Beriah Magoffin, Clay Hill on Beaumont Ave., Gov. Shelby, Gov. Adair, Gov. Owsley, and Gov. Beckham. She was the daughter of Col. Ebenezer Magoffin. She was a long-time and very active member of the Harrodsburg Christian Church. She was 87 when she passed and is buried in Spring Hill Cemetery. 

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