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Centre Family Home

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill was the third largest Shaker community within the United States, active between 1805 and 1910. The following photographs are by Clay Lancaster and they were taken for one of his projects in 1979.

Copyright Clay Lancaster

The Centre Family Dwelling House was built by the Shakers between 1824 and 1834 and was the second-largest stone building in Kentucky at the time — right behind the capitol building in Frankfort.

Copyright Clay Lancaster

The Centre Family Dwelling is a 21,000-square-foot, three-story stone building that once housed from 80 to 100 members of the Centre “family”.  There were 14 bedrooms and at least six kitchens where food was prepared, preserved, cooked, baked and stored. A large dining room was used by the Shakers, but because of their population, they had to eat in shifts. There was also a cellar with food storage rooms, an infirmary and a large meeting room.  

Copyright Clay Lancaster

This building was named for its location - these Shakers making up the Centre “family.” On the second floor is a “grand and impressive” meeting room that has the unique feature of a barrel-vaulted ceiling.
Copyright Clay Lancaster

In 2018, a two-year major renovation project was completed in the Centre Family Dwelling and the building was brought into the 21 century. Construction workers installed a climate control system, museum-quality lighting, repaired plaster and masonry, painted, restored the 120 windows and replaced the roof.

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