Wednesday, March 24, 2021

McAfee Stone House

Historic postcard

Stone house near McAfee Station rests on land originally owned by the McAfee family, pioneer settlers of Mercer County. George McAfee, Sr. received a land grant of 1,400 acres in 1781 from then-Virginia governor Benjamin Harrison. Shortly after, five brothers from the McAfee family left Botetourt County, Virginia, and established McAfee Station, about five miles north of Harrodsburg.

Courier-Journal August 14, 1898

James McAfee, built a stone hall-parlor house on the site of McAfee Station (currently on the Talmage-Mayo Road). According to local history, the home was “modeled after the family home in Curmagh, Ireland.” This house was built in the early 1790s.

Historic American Buildings Survey, Lester Jones, May 28, 1940

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