Monday, January 25, 2021

Bohon Company

Photo from Images of America: Harrodsburg

This 1886 Sanborn Insurance map shows the George T. Bohon Carriage Factory on the corner of Main and East Office Streets, suggesting the manufacturing of “Bluegrass Buggies” was begun there.  George Bohon had varied business interests before starting as a dealer in buggies, wagons, and agricultural implements.  A description of the business on a sale flyer said:  “The most reliable house in Central Kentucky for any kind of farming implements is that of George Bohon.  If you want a farm wagon, buggy, carriage, engine, sawmill, or thresher, he can supply you with the best make.  Too many goods – they must go!  Hemp and manila twine for everybody!”  The business closed in the early 1920s and the building was demolished to build the Harrodsburg Christian Church.

Photo from Newspapers+

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