Friday, November 13, 2020

Bowman Memorial Gate


I am in search of information regarding the Bowman Memorial Gate on the north side of Old Fort Harrod. It was commissioned in honor of four pioneer brothers from the Bowman family. The Bowman brothers were excellent horsemen and became known as the "Four Centaurs of Cedar Creek"  This plaque was erected in 1928 by Descendants of Abraham Bowman. 

In 1779, Col. John Bowman erected a small fort at Bowman Station and by the fall of 1779, over 30 families had settled there. This fortified Bowman Station was located six miles east of Harrodsburg near the Dix River in Burgin. 

Colonel Abraham Bowman
1749 ~ 1837
Eighth Virginia Regiment Revolutionary War
Settled Bowman Station, Kentucky, 1779
Now Bellevue

Colonel John Bowman
1733 ~ 1784
First County Lieutenant of Kentucky, 1778

Major Joseph Bowman
1752 ~ 1779
Second in Command to George Rogers Clark
Vincennes Expedition; Captured Cahokia

Captain Isaac Bowman
1757 ~ 1824
Vincennes Expedition

Erected by the Descendants of Abraham Bowman
Honoring Four Pioneer Brothers - 1928

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  1. For your information, a descent of these Bowmans started a distillery in VA that now produces very high quality bourbons. See the website


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