Friday, September 11, 2020

The Gem Store


The Gem Store lunch counter
Photo from the Armstrong Archives

What memories does this stir in Harrodsburg natives?


  1. Soooo many! #1, Mrs. Rice's divine Chess Pie #2. Mrs. Rice's Coconut Cream Pie, #3. Mrs. Rice's Chocolate Cream Pie! Banana Splits, Cherry cokes "with lots of ice, please, Branche." I think her real name was Blanche & she had never failing with us noisy kids. Grilled cheese sandwiches, hamburgers...the film department where my first Brownie Hawkeye camera arrived in time for Christmas, the jewelry department, always finding a pretty new pin for Mama for Christmas for Mama there from the sweet blonde lady (??). And a new Revlon lipstick from Shirley taking a turn in the cosmetic department. The glorious magazine shelves right up front where you could look through everyone. The paperbacks twirling book towers where I found "Bonjour Tristesse" by 18 yr. old Françoise Sagan. Mr. Rice up behind the glass windows filling perscriptions & Mr. Bauman behind selling aspirins & cough drops. Eating snacks after school & suppers before movies in the big booths with friends & family. After we moved up north & I came home to visit one time & went in The Gem, Duffy called out to me from behind the photo counter, "Hey, Judy, you left a roll of film here 2 years ago. Your snapshots are here!" It was an essential place in my hometown & still there in my heart.

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    1. I talked to Carol & she told me the lady's name behind the jewelry counter was Mrs. Ola Gabhart. I left out Blanche's wonderful never-failing patience with a booth full of kids.

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