Sunday, September 20, 2020

Spires of Harrodsburg

Photo from the Armstrong Archives

This drawing by Harrodsburg artist Larrie Curry shows the beautiful spires, which are all visible together from several spots in town. Shown from left to right are Harrodsburg United Methodist church, Harrodsburg Christian Church, United Presbyterian Church, St. Philip’s Episcopal Church, the courthouse (demolished in 2009), and Harrodsburg Baptist Church. The saying “a church on every corner” holds true here, as all these buildings are located within a three-block radius from the center of the business district.

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  1. Larrie Curry's drawings are always superb. As many of you know, she did the drawings for beloved Thelma Linton's famed cookbook (though her artist-credit is very understated). She, & her late husband Bill, remain among our very best friends. Kelly Scott Reed & Mark Dennen, Savannah.


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