Thursday, September 10, 2020

Graves Jewelers


Photo from the Armstrong Archives

The above 1920s photograph is of Graves Jewelers, owned and operated by the Graves family from 1904 until 1989. Graves not only sold jewelry, but also fine china, crystal and collectibles.  Unfortunately, due to fires on both sides of the business, this building was left all alone for many years. The building was eventually torn down and there is currently just a vacant lot between the Olde Towne Park and the corner of Main and East Poplar Streets.

Photo from the Armstrong Archives

Lucille Graves took great pride in her collection of fine china and crystal, as well as the jewelry she had to offer her many loyal customers.  Although there were several jewelry stores on Main Street during the time Graves was in operation, Mrs. Graves’s states in an interview from 1990,“... there was no rivalry [between jewelry stores], we always cooperated with any jeweler that has ever been in Harrodsburg.”

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