Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Avalon Inn

Photo from the Armstrong Archives

The post card above is the earliest photograph of the Hotel Harrod, in operation from 1852 until 1941; note the horse and buggies unloading at the front entrance.  Located on the southwest corner of Main and Office Streets, this hotel was thoroughly modern with 75 guest rooms and dining areas.  The Hotel Harrod was known for its famous southern food – Kentucky country ham, southern fried chicken and western steaks served year round.  

Photo from the Armstrong Archives

The bottom photograph is a 1940s picture after the name was changed to the Avalon Inn; automobiles have replaced horses and buggies along the streets.  According to Harrodsburg resident Ann Nooe, “A lot of pretty old ladies lived there [Hotel] and they sat out in front of the hotel on the sidewalk at night … many had beautiful white hair that was fixed just right.” 
Photo from the Armstrong Archives

In this photograph, Elija Bryant, from Harrodsburg, is holding a mouthwatering country ham, probably cured on a Mercer County farm.  Dressed in his waiter’s uniform of black pants, a crisp white shirt and a black bowtie, Bryant was a longtime employee of Avalon Inn, and he took pride in his work.

Article from the Advocate Messenger, March 14, 1939

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