Sunday, August 16, 2020

St. Andrew Catholic Church

Photo from the Armstrong Archives

St. Nicholas Catholic Church was the first Catholic Church built in Mercer County in 1894 on Irish Ridge Road, where numerous Irish Catholics has settled.  During this same period, the Catholics in Harrodsburg acquired land for a church, on the corner of Mooreland Avenue and Chiles Street, from Dr. Christopher C. Graham, owner of the Graham Springs property.  Since travel was on horseback or horse and buggy, ministering to both churches put quite a burden on the priest, so St. Nicholas was closed, and the building was demolished in 1944.  The attractive new St. Andrew Catholic Church building, which served the congregation for some 80 years, from about 1894 to 1975, was replaced by a modern brick building.


Photo from the Armstrong Archives

This is a 1938 picture of Father Clarence Myers, the third resident parish priest of St. Andrew, from 1934 to 1942.  A 1934 article from The Harrodsburg Herald states his congregation numbered 50 and that he still traveled to St. Nicholas occasionally.  

Photo from the Armstrong Archives

Above is a 1940s photograph of the “Hat Factory,” a building which was the St. Andrew parish house when Father Myers was at the parish.  It was built in 1795 as an office for a hat factory on nearby Mooreland Avenue.  In 1893, Dr. Graham sold it to St. Andrew for use as a parish house and later as a convent house for the school nuns.  This historic house was the oldest brick building still standing in Harrodsburg and Mercer County until 2003, when it was bought by the Harrodsburg Baptist Church and demolished after 208 years of service to the community.

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