Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Mooreland House


Photo from Judith Moore Cheney

This information and photographs were provided by Judith Moore Cheney from her family history. Thank you very much for this glimpse into Harrodsburg history. The above photograph is Mooreland House with Dr. James Harrison Moore, who built it, with his family around him.

Photo from Judith Moore Cheney

Dr. James Harrison Moore, with cap & long beard, seated center next to his wife, Mary Messenger Moore, who is next to her son Daniel Lawson Moore & his wife, Minnie Ball Moore with their daughter, Anita, (grandmother of Susan Reed Jordan). Their other daughter, Minnie Ball, is seated in the middle, front row. Dudley Bowman Moore, grandson of JH Moore is standing on the right of the back row, next to his wife Sophronia Buster Moore, who is holding their daughter Lillian Moore. Their other daughter, Theresa, is seated on the right of the front row. Dudley Bowman's mother, Nannie Bowman Moore, in standing in her black widow's dress on the back row. Her husband, Bacon Rochester Moore, father of Dudley Bowman & also of the 2 boys standing back row left next to her, had died not long before. He was the son of Dr. JH Moore & brother of Daniel Lawson Moore. The boy in the cap next to his mother, Nannie Bowman, is my grandfather, James Harrison Moore, Jr. Next to him on the end of the row is my great-uncle, Bacon Rochester Moore (grandfather of Roc Moore). The other women in the photograph are Mary Bacon & Virginia Bacon, daughters of Nannie Bowman & Bacon Rochester Moore. And another unidentified, as is the maid in the back. The seated boy in the cap on the front row is Daniel Moore, also son of Bacon & Nannie Bowman (I think).

My grandfather, James Harrison Moore Jr., who grew up with his parents, brothers & sisters, at their farm, Mt. Airy, on the Lexington Rd., Harrodsburg. He later married India Tucker & had one son, my father Charles Harrison Moore. He and India & my Daddy too, all died young.

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  1. It has ben called Moreland House, after the street, & Mooreland House after the family. D.L. Moore, pictured in the angled hat, named the house he built on the Lexington Rd., Mooreland House. Guess what my brother, Tucker Moore & his wife, Melissa Alberding Moore, called the large brick house they built in Winnetka, Illinois? Yep, Mooreland House. Wasn't there a song?Tradition!


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