Thursday, August 13, 2020

Harrodsburg Post Office

 Photo from the Armstrong Archives

This top photograph of Harrodsburg’s post office on Short Street would have been taken sometime between 1913 and 1921, when J. Hal Grimes, standing in the doorway, was post master.  The employees are front row, from the left J. VanDivier, Finis Smalley, Thomas Hawkins, Henry VanDivier, Lee Coleman, Paul Clemmons, and Frank Conner.  On the back row, from the left, are Bill Yads, Minor Ransdell, Tub Alderson, and Frank Davenport, with Ossie Tatum in the doorway next to Grimes.  

This bottom picture shows the lot that is the present site of the Harrodsburg post office.  In 1927, the United States Government purchased the lot and razed all the buildings, but did not have money to start construction.  According to Gertrude Reed, “My first recollection of that area was an empty lot with Chautauqua tent shows coming every summer.”

Photo from the Armstrong Archives

In January 1931, construction began on Harrodsburg’s new post office. The deed for the land was made in 1916, but the money to build was not appropriated until some 15 years later, in 1930.  The building was completed in the early 1932.The new Harrodsburg post office opened its door to the community on April  6, 1932. The town owes a debt of gratitude to some citizens interested in how the new building would fit into its historic surroundings.  They convinced the officials to design a colonial style post office building to conform to the age of the town. 

Photo from the Armstrong Archives

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