Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Pieces of Pleasant Hill

Do you have a favorite Shaker artifact?  When you think of Pleasant Hill, do any special objects come to mind? With Shakers living in this community for well over a century, the Pleasant Hill artifact collection is as diverse and varied as the Shaker experience.

Pieces of Pleasant Hill highlights Shaker Village's artifact and archival collection, and encourages visitors to think critically about what, and why, we collect.  Featuring over 20 artifacts, some familiar and some that have never been displayed before, this exhibit will help visitors piece together the daily lives of the Pleasant Hill Shakers by exploring the items they left behind.

Assistant Program Manager, and content creator for "Pieces of Pleasant Hill" Maggie McAdams will provide opening remarks and answer questions about the exhibit during the event.

  • "Pieces of Pleasant Hill" is located on the 2nd floor of the Centre Family Dwelling, with access available by stairs.
  • Attendance to this special, after hours opening is included with Shaker Village's "$5 after 5pm" admission.
  • "$5 after 5pm" admission also includes access to additional Village tours at 5pm and 6pm, prior to the exhibit opening.
  • Annual Passholders receive free admission to this, and many other Shaker Village special events.
  • Call 1-859-734-5411 or email for more information.

This exhibit is supported by funding from the Kentucky Local History Trust Fund (KRS 171.325), a program administered by the Kentucky Historical Society. 


  1. I have a shaker wash stand that came from pleasant hill. Both sets of my grandparents lived and worked at Quakertown when it was owned by Mr. Gwinn. My parents grew up in those houses. The wash stand was a gift from Mr gwinn to my mother for the birth of her first child. He told her to pick out anything from the old furniture left on the property. I even have a pic or two of my parents as teens in front if their houses.

  2. That is awesome! This is a memory you need to write up for the book we are working on for the 250th anniversary. We want memories and stories about Harrodsburg and Mercer County.


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