Friday, July 3, 2020

We Need Representation In Local Government

Photograph from Ruth Ann Bryant Facebook

Dear Editor:

I am writing in regards to the upcoming election of the Harrodsburg City Commission. I feel that we are in need of a new face and new changes within our city government. We need representation of the female gender and a person of color.

I was born and raised in Harrodsburg and I am a 1969 graduate of Harrodsburg High School. I attended Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, and was employed by the City of Dayton in the College Work Study program doing clerical and receptionist duties. I later was employed at Wright State University as Secretary to the Assistant Dean of Students.

I returned to Harrodsburg in September 1973, and was unable to get an interview with Corning or Eaton (later changed to Signet) with my clerical and secretarial skills. One place told me I didn’t qualify for a secretarial position. I later saw an ad in the Harrodsburg Herald for a dispatcher at the Harrodsburg Police Department where I applied for that position and was hired on the spot. I was the first African-American woman to be employed there and retired after 30 years of service to the city and citizens of Harrodsburg and Mercer County.

Saying that, there must be better job opportunities for all citizens and persons of color seeking employment. Yes things have changed since the 60s and early 70s but there still exist these problems of discrimination and prejudices.

In order for our city to grow we need new ideas and changes. We must get out there and try to get some new businesses, etc. I see one of the problems that our city has, if we get new businesses the citizens do not support them. So as a business person, why come to this town if we are not going to get the support of the community. Think about it and say to yourself, am I that person.

I am very concerned about the neighborhoods with abandoned homes. Our neighborhoods, all neighborhoods need revitalization, restoration and beautification.

As far as the law enforcement, I think this city and county has a great force. Compared to other cities that I have talked with the citizens, they feel that we are better, as far as accessibility to our departments. I can remember once when I was working at the police department, a gentleman came in from another city to talk to the chief, we called the chief in and he talked with the gentleman. When leaving the gentleman told me, you all are very fortunate, I could not get through the front door of our police department to talk to our chief or anyone. However, I do feel that the police department is too far outside the city for citizen’s accessibility to walk in and talk with an officer or chief. I do not feel that we have any city or county officers that would use excessive force as these officers have in other cities resulting in the death of the suspect or innocent person.

I will address some of the issues in your neighborhoods. One of my visions is to see that there is some type of summer work program for students who have not been able to get summer employment due to other circumstances. Do you remember the CETA Program?

Therefore, I am asking the citizens of the City of Harrodsburg for your support. Elect me as your next city commissioner. I will be a voice for you, available, dedicated and committed. Thank you for your support.

Ruth Ann Bryant
Harrodsburg, KY

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