Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Tandy's Tavern

This information is from a post made by Judith Moore Cheney to the Harrodsburg Historical Society Facebook page: 

Here is a watercolor painting by Jack Bailey of Tandy's Tavern for Bill Evans Meng

Jack’s cousin Paula Bailey Freeman sent it to me after Jack died in 2011. He was a well-known fabulous musician and also an artist, writer & Mercer County history buff. He grew up just a little way down College Street from the old house, right across from the entrance to the Park. He knew I would love to have it as I remembered the house from a childhood of walking & riding my bike past it. I treasure it as a beautiful painting and a souvenir of my childhood, my playmate and grown up pal. 
 Photo by Judith Moore Cheney

There's a bit of information about the historic tavern's fate in a 1964 clipping from The Herald. As a personal footnote: Mr. Joe Murphy who owned the old Tandy house in 1964, also owned Mercer Motors Ford Dealership on Main St., where my mother, Catherine Moore worked as the bookkeeper in the 1950s. We visited Mr. Murphy at his beautiful historic home, Helm Place in Lexington after Mama's Memorial in 1998. It was lovely to see him again and to visit Helm Place with which we had an ancestral connection.
 Photo by Judith Moore Cheney

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