Friday, July 3, 2020

Road to the Sestercentennial

Chamber Chat
Jill Cutler 
Executive Director Mercer Chamber of Commerce

The chamber wants to take a moment and SHOUT OUT to those making our community look better and better.

First to all those on Office Street from Corning to Marimon - great job! If you are an owner/resident and are fixing up your home, you are doing a great job. What a joy to come to that street and see how great everything is looking.

To the City of Harrodsburg and Fiscal Court entities dealing with abandoned properties- go man go! It is a sigh of great relief to finally see those eye sores and drug attractants down. GREAT! Please go even faster!

To the Mercer Co. Beautification Committee that brags on historic homes that are being maintained or renewed - thank you for your encouragement!!

To those maintaining Big Spring and those addressing West Lane Park our private parks - thank you! Your labors of love do not go unnoticed.

We appreciate every person who tries to make a difference in how we look. Do you pick up your own trash and others too? Thank you, Do you pick up after your dog during a walk? Thank you. Are you doing your best at your business or  residence and being a good neighbor? Thank you!

Things like this, get us on our way to looking good for the big anniversary. Let’s encourage each other and say “good job” when we notice and start a whole culture of readiness up to the 250th.

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