Monday, June 29, 2020

Beaumont College Graduates

The history of Beaumont Inn runs deep in the fabric of Harrodsburg. Originally started in 1807 as Greenville Springs, it has a long and changing lineage.
Greenville Springs, it has a long and changing lineage.
1807 - Greenville Springs established through word-of-mouth of the Rev. Jesse Head, pastor who married Abraham Lincoln's parents.

1814 - Greenville Springs now encompasses 220 acres.
1830 - Dr. Christopher C. Graham buys Greenville Springs, but is not used as a spa. Instead, he deeds the land to Rev. Jones who started the Greenville Female Seminary.
1834 - Rev. William Jones sold the property to James Harlan.
1841 – Harlan moved to Frankfort and leased property to Prof. Samuel Mullins for the Greenville Institute for Young Ladies.
1849 - Mullins bought the Institute outright.
1851 – Fire raged through the Greenville Institute for Young Ladies and burned the main building to the ground.
1856 – A new brick building was built at Greenville and Prof. John Augustus Williams and his father, Dr. C. E. Williams established and ran Daughters College which drew students from many states until 1893.
1893 – Greenville Springs College was run by Dr. J. M. Dalton and Miss Ovie Smedley.
1894 – Greenville bought by Col. And Mrs. Thomas Smith and ran as Beaumont College for 23 years, until 1917.
After 1917, the property became the current Beaumont Inn compound.
These two photos are graduating classes from Beaumont College, so they were taken between 1894-1917.

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