Wednesday, June 10, 2020

New Graham Springs Resort

The New Graham Springs Resort - also known as Cassell Mansion, the New Graham Springs Hotel, or Allin’s Graham Springs.
This residence/hotel was located where the current James B. Haggin Hospital is. The old Graham Springs was sold to the US Military in 1856 (227 acres).
In 1887, Jonathan Cassell bought the property and built and lived in the private home until 1910 when plans were made to re-establish Graham Springs Resort.
Judge Ben C. Allin bought the property and in 1911 turned the mansion into a hotel. Over the next 10 years, several new wells/springs were dug on the property and the man-made lake was drained. The New Graham Springs Resort was an extremely popular meeting place until September 1932 when Mrs. Glave Goddard bought the property as an annex to Beaumont Inn. However, less than 3 years after purchasing the property, Goddard sold it to Mineral Springs Products Company.
This is as far as I got on researching the deeds before the lockdown happened, so there will be more information to follow.

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